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Ways To Prevent Flood Damage In Your Home

8/2/2023 (Permalink)

No homeowner wants to watch their belongings washed away in one single day. This is why many of them take preventative measures to protect their home from flooding. As a homeowner, you should take these precautions as well.

In the long run, it will protect your property from being prone to water damage and flooding. Here are a few steps you can take to prevent flood damage in your home.

#1. Landscaping

Many people underestimate the power of a landscaping job well done. This is perhaps the best solution for keeping your home safe from flood damage. Keep your landscaping groomed by always keeping your gutters and splash pads clean.

This will ensure that no debris is blocking the flow of water going away from your home. Apart from that, you can utilize a rain barrel to collect the rainwater runoff.

It will protect the rainwater from pooling too much and you can use it for watering plants in your yard and garden.

#2. Monitor The Foundation Of Your Home

This is the most basic maintenance you need to do for your home. Foundations of homes can develop cracks over time. These cracks can let water seep in and this can widen the cracks further.

If the cracks get too wide then your house will be damaged by flooding. So, to protect your home from this you need to monitor your foundation and fill up any cracks with mortar or masonry caulk if they appear.

However, if your foundation continues to have cracks with time then you will need to call a professional to fix this issue as this is the biggest reason for flood damage.

#3. Seal Open Areas Of Your Home

Even if you monitor the foundation and fill the cracks, you still need to seal other areas in your home. These include walls, windows, and doorways.

Give them an extra coat of protection by applying a sealant. This will prevent rainwater from coming into your home. It is the biggest protector of homes from harsh weather conditions.

#4. Install Drain Plugs

This is the most overlooked measure but it is also just as important as any other. That is because your home can be prone to flood damage because of your sewage. If it backs up then it can get clogged which will eventually lead to flood damage.

This is why you should install drain plugs inside the floor drains in your basement. Doing so will ensure that your home doesn't get flooded through the toilet or sinks. Installing drain plugs is an integral component of keeping your home safe from flood damage.

Final Words

These are the top four ways you can utilize to protect your home from extensive flood damage. Taking these preventative measures early on will keep you from having an extensive problem in the future.

If there is any damage in your home and you need restoration then call our experts at SERVPRO. We will be happy to assist you and make sure your home is safe from all sorts of damage. Get in touch with us now.

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